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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 23, 2016 2:40am-3:01am PST

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on the first thank you or by the monthly as a way to so there is exception for for those non-critical in terms of identifying up front in the application instructions you can see applications go to the historic preservation commission simulate from our office to your office on a specific dates so that i think it can workout well to try to work out well, that the timing of your staff being able to facilitate those and get overseeing scheduled so we can work on that. >> okay. thank you. >> i i guess i'll recommend option two regardless if the option two we have a lot of complaisance and only thirty
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days from that point anyway. >> the staff has to review in a short periods this is a way to test the program to see if it is working if not we'll adjust is and regarding the check list on panning 4 i guess i'll recommend we take off the letter b example h example i work j, k and l and o i don't believe those are really things we as a historic preservation commission need to concern ourselves with repeat b, h, i can judicial committee, k protect andudicial committee, k protect andal committee, k protect aommittee, k protect andmmittee, k protect aittee, k protect aittee, k protect atee, k protect ae, k
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protect andee, k protect a, k protect a, k protect a k protect andk protect a k protect and k protect and k protect andj k protect andl protect androtect andtect a aand o. >> this is giving points to things not have value those are any recommendations i see we have commissioner johnck. >> i was occurs about number 2 which i like that method or prefer that method the point being we want to get overseeing approved as as quickly as possible on a regular basis i think that's the message we wanted to send i was wondering dodo we have item place agenda with categories for minutes and do we have comments from commissioners and, of course, a template i'm for consent calendar which i guess that's where they guess another
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template category or just uses the consent calendar. >> we'll use the consent calendar that's fine. >> and yeah, he agree with eliminating those wlerz how you - >> what we're trying to do. >> thank you commissioner hasz. >> thank you i do concur with commissioner president wolfram number 2 and the meeting of the alerted items stated and the only thing i'll ask that internally for staff keep track of the time spent perhaps and setting goals to facilitate everyone on staff knows we're trying to get it done in thirty minutes i'm not kidding this is a lot of work and hearing complaints how along the process takes in general not just in preservation anyways i'd
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like see this streamlined so come with the first banish this is what we have we start setting goals. >> thank you commissioner hyland. >> out of this hearing weigh dodger do make many is recommendations and shelly will take back and have feedback from the small businesses and setting this up as far as the small business commission the feedback. >> i think in terms of how i sorted see it or in terms of what goes back to the small business commission to report on what is the process what's the timing and what you have determined
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you're going to be looking at and reporting to them sort of an exception can comes from you i don't know if it is in the legislation to and the ordinance to say this small business commission has to approve exactly what you decide your structured to provide the recommendation if i making any sense so i think as i see them and understand it your decision on this criteria that you want to look at it and provide comment on and recommendation i'll report to them i think for shelly and i and to me it is finalize what is good evening to be the communication structure i'm really interested in kind of with the first set of
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applications sitting down together to i have a good understanding of liv once we have a staff person in place to facilitate does that answer your question. >> sort of commission. >> i think we'll see how it plays out. >> if i can add i'll sawing as the next step premise a template for the commission to review have a better sense of what the information they will be reviewing and in the comments could play with using around example of like a legacy
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business to flush out some of the information. >> thank you a couple of other things so i like the idea of honor consent calendar and recommend that will the case for the small businesses so send that out as a recommendation to them i don't think that k was intended - was intended to address the businesses at risk and have an issue are the lease or whatever on or abouts they may have and we already know the time that shelly spent on this what did you do being budgeted we really would like some support in getting at least a half person if not a full-time person in the
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budget cycle yeah. >> before i take commissioner johns comment i'd like to remedy one item for the check list it is has a applicant or nominee are provided evidence they've contributed to the neighborhoods or community that is actually, the criteria wear as opposed to be looking at. >> that's way was going to is commissioner johns. >> thank you for doing this commissioner president wolfram the this has been bothering me i support your comment and placings comments about number 2 as the general direction within thing that is concerning me and which i would like the city attorney view is putting these things on the consent calendar
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this is my concern is will that will running afoul of requirement that we can not delegate because usually the justification for as i understood it a consent calendar is that these are things that can be pretty much delegated to the staff we'll not look at them nonetheless a remarkable reason and if that is in fact the model then i'm concerned that we will be violating the legacy business registry legislation so that's a concern i have. >> victor deputy city attorney thank you, commissioner not a problem because content items on the calendar where still acted by the commission and removed
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from the consent calendar if anyone worries about to do that take it off content an action item for you it still under you're not delegating our responsibility to make a determination thank you. >> commissioner matsuda. >> thank you commissioner president wolfram for adding that important area there let me say i had a comment about heritages letter i think that all the information is good but i'll encourage again we think about character defining features we broadened what is currently defined as a character defining feature one of the main reasons we like this legislation and promote that not just to stay within the physical structure there are so many
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things before businesses that have been an ethic communities they're building didn't stand out no physical characteristic that can really, really show and appreciate what that business may mean to the communities i'll encourage you to when you are approach you're going to be the first face that people will see to repeating really encourage people to tell their stories and have a section westbound the application to help to define or help to articulate and as commissioner hyland said about the question of risk that i'm assuming you did that the question was put in here to destine if a business is at risk i'll ask it within the application with you at risk and i know that is up to you to define the risk and move ahead
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we know that many legacy businesses in need of financial assistance that you know, i like the way it is set up which seem to be a cap in terms of how much time a person what reapply for year after year not sure you're putting in one but definitely recommend that priority given to businesses over landlords when you look at kind of the funding that will be available per year for that part of program. >> thank you, mr. fry. >> commissioners tim frye one thing will the legislation that jumped out to her worth exploring it says that the applications that the commission didn't act upon westbound thirty days are essentially approved and one other option we have not
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thought about it it really is to minimize the burden on staff the commission and the applicant we could theoretically review the application and put them aside and let the thirty days go by and the ones with outstanding questions to you and place amongst our calendar that way it will clear out the majority of them but that does pose the issue not seeing the applications i'm not sure if so this is important especially, since the beginning of the program but again, a suggestion and if it is worth exploring the city attorney will look at it into that more and provide advise to the future hearing. >> commissioner hasz. >> actually that leads into any question i'd like to see that he beginning the other
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stuff we delegated no matter it is called do the supervisors have the businesses ready to go prefunding we could do 5 or 10 samples or 10 businesses qualified or rejected or whatever even before it gets funded all to step in and get a couple examples. >> just to clarify supervisor campos made with an nomination already but we could this week make several more i know that supervisor peskin office is prepared and ready to clarify the legislation itself cigarette for the grant program didn't begin until october 2015 to the application period between june and september 2016 and the first grants are dispersed in october technically into the legislation
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the grant program to the landlords to have started as soon as january 1st, 2016, but not a appropriation so our office is planning on introducing a supplemental shortly so that part of grant program will begin as soon as possible. >> thank you commissioner johns an interesting suggestion about the thirty day delay i'll be very, very strongly opposed to engaging in any such subterfuge that the historic preservation commission function on those things we review them and if we then subvert that by saying we're not going to do anything that is a quasi of passing complexity in the admire
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election of our duty and it is offering i have it but also open up the program which i think has enormous benefits so i think we should do that alienating. >> any other comments or recommendations. >> i thought a june 30th deadline i was looking at for pr so the grants from july one to
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june 30th for that fiscal year. >> right. >> >> great any other comments do we have given enough direction we're not making a motion on this reviewing the comment? and i think that is our final item so no additional comments we'll conclude this hearing
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